The Best Wine Recommendations for Perfect Picnics

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If you’re headed for a picnic in time for #PicnicMonth and want the perfect wine recommendation, you have many options. A good picnic wine is refreshing, balanced, and pairs well with the foods you pack. Picnics are all about…

  • Food
  • Company
  • and of course, the perfect wine to pair with all of that.

Picnic-Perfect White Wines

Organising a Picnic is all about the variety, ease, and “travel ability”. Your food has to survive the time it takes to get to the picnic area, handle not being too cold for a long period (unless you want to lug around a cooler), and not be too messy. Therefore, you’ll want a crisp, chilled white that pairs well with such food.

Crisp, delicious white wines are a must in these situations.

Sauvignon Blanc wines are dry, crisp, herbal whites that are ideal for summer sipping. They won’t overpower picnic food.
Chenin Blanc, are fruitier but still light and perfect for a picnic. They are bright, acidic, and loaded with crisp citrus fruit and minerality. Lighter white wines like this make the food come to life while refreshing your palate. Slide a freezer sleeve over the bottle before you pack it to keep it chilled to the perfect temperature.

Rosé Wines Are Easy Drinkers for Picnics

Many people enjoy crisp rosé wines in the summer because of their light, almost floral flavours. They are so versatile that they are a must-pack with your picnics. Serve rosé wines chilled as you would whites. These lightly acidic wines offer fruit flavours such as melon/strawberry/red fruit qualities that pair well with cheese and crackers, seafood, salads, or cold chicken. The nice thing about rosé is it’s also inexpensive. You can pick up our Great Expectations Shiraz Rosé 2015 for only £12.99.

Light Red Picnic Wines

For picnics, choose a light bodied red wine. You don’t want to pack your 13% alcohol Zinfandel in your picnic because it will overpower any of the foods you bring. So you need to find something that isn’t heavy or brooding, but lighter and with less alcohol. What fits that bill? Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Beaujolais are all lighter red wine choices that go well with picnics, particularly charcuterie and cold cuts. While these wines don’t need to be served chilled, they also aren’t great when they are overwarmed, so carry them in the cooler and allow them to sit for about 10 minutes outside of the cooler before serving.

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