Virtual Wine Tasting – 5 Reasons Why You Should Book One

virtual South African wine tastings

At the onset of a global pandemic in the digital age, everyone seems to be rediscovering the power of the internet. From Zoom classrooms, Instagram live birthdays, to Facebook live weddings and (why not?), but what we enjoy the most is the virtual wine tasting. So much so we are offering our own!

Here are 5 reasons you should get on board and book your virtual wine tasting party now…

Have a glass of luxury wine with ANYONE in the UK!

What better way to connect with friends, family, colleagues or clients across the UK. Especially during these COVID times. Enjoy a private virtual wine tasting (online) in the most comfortable spot in your home. Taxi for 1! Not needed, you simply have a fab time with your party attendees and then take yourself to bed…or if the company is rather good you can log back in and carry on the party!

Virtual tastings are COVID safe whilst supporting your community

We all know that the pandemic has hit businesses hard especially small independent businesses, usually the ones we love the most. Attending a virtual wine tasting is a great way to support your local wine stockists whilst having a blast with the people in your life. Most importantly you can let your hair down knowing you and your loved ones are being safe.

The perfect way to celebrate an occasion

We are trying to be as creative as possible now for our celebrations as we are limited in resources, events and opportunities, plus it has been so long people are hitting many milestones and we want to make them feel special. Virtual wine tastings are perfect for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, corporate wine tastings, team building, pre-dinner party, hen party, or just for some fun. Get together with friends, family, colleagues or clients and enjoy a memorable virtual wine tasting party!

Level up your wine game

Are you one of those people that loves a good fact or really enjoys knowing your stuff, or likes to have ice breakers stored away for those first dates? A virtual wine tasting with Sippers and Spitters comes with a host that can share their vast amount of wine knowledge, recommendations, expect to learn the principles of food and wine pairing, so ordering wine(s) in a restaurant to compliment you meal(s) is not so daunting. Get your note pad out and enjoy those gold nuggets of information provided during your party. Remember knowledge is power!

Beat the boredom of lockdown & educate yourself

We are sure everyone has felt boredom at some point during the lockdowns, we all love a Zoom quiz but I think we are running out of material now! Why not break up your week with a virtual wine tasting, even if it’s not what you would normally do, kick that boredom and give it ago, we hands down guarantee you will take something away from it that you will always remember.

Try a Sippers and Spitters Virtual Wine Tasting Party

You will receive 3 South African boutique wines, not available elsewhere in the UK, sent straight to your door in time for your party. Snack suggestions and tasting sheets are provided as well as games and more.

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